Murder 101, by Maggie Barbieri

This author’s debut mystery sparkles with romance and humor as well as suspense.  A divorced English professor becomes the principal suspect in the murder of a student when the body is found in the trunk of her stolen car.  An attractive homicide detective comes along to investigate.

RATING: * * * A good read
Reviewed by: eh

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25 responses to “Murder 101, by Maggie Barbieri

  1. Dianne Kuehl

    Is Maggie Barbieri writing a sequal to Murder 101? I hope so. If so, what is the title and when will it be released?

  2. Maggie Barbieri

    Hi, Dianne: I saw your comment…yes, there will be a sequel to “Murder 101.” It’s called “High Infidelity” and it will be out in November of this year. I hope you enjoy it! Maggie Barbieri

  3. Mary Lou Haraburd

    Just finished “Murder 101” this morning. It is terrific. I have a tendency to find an author and/or series and read all I can. I have read all of Sue Grafton, all of Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb, everything I can find by Lisa Scottoline, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwall and I find “Murder 101” on par with all of these – I look forward to November to read more about Allison, Detective Bobby Crawford, Max and Fred Wyatt.

  4. Jennifer Marx

    I just finished Murder 101. I loved it! I could barely put it down. I can’t wait for the next book!

  5. Kathryn Luey

    Before I read the book, two people commented on the cover and said they would like to read it.
    I did have trouble putting it down.

    But did NOT like the ending.
    Will Definitely read the next book.

  6. Michelle

    What a fun read! I loved Alison and all of her very “real” flaws/quirks. I look forward to the next book. Thank you!

  7. Aileen

    I have to agree that I did not like the ending—-but it has me dying for the next book. I have to see what happens next between Allison and Crawford. Unfortunantely, because of Allison’s past, Crawford is really going to have to work to gain the lost trust back. It’s awful he had made Allison feel like the “other woman”, especially after he horrible marriage to Ray.

    With the book coming out in November, I am going to have one more thing to be thankful for this year!!!

  8. Sophia

    I loved this book and read multiple times over.

    I’ve checked multiple websites including and the sequel to this book is actually called, “Extracurricular Activities” and will be out in November! I’ve already preordered it!

  9. Melanie

    I just finished Murder 101 a few minutes ago. I just couldn’t put it down and absolutely loved this book. The best thing was that it was completely unpredicatable. And, the characters are so well developed. But, I could’ve screamed when Alison and Crawford didn’t end up together! I can’t wait until the sequel. Any specific date it’ll be released? I want to put it on my calendar.

  10. The sequel is called Extracurricular Activities. and Barnes & Noble both give the publication date as Nov. 27, Baker & Taylor (our supplier) says Oct. 30, and the publisher’s website just says “November.” Maybe Maggie Barbieri will email us again to clarify! I’ve requested that our library purchase the book.

  11. Maggie Barbieri

    Hi, All: Thanks for all of this great feedback on “Murder 101.” Yes, “Extracurricular Activities,” (new and final title) the second book in the series, will be published in November (11/27, to be exact). It’s available for preorder on Amazon. I hope you like it! All best wishes–Maggie Barbieri

  12. Thanks for the confirmation, Maggie. The Newton Free Library has ordered a copy (as have–so far–5 other libraries in the Minuteman Network), and two people are already on the waiting list!

    If you read new Maggie’s book, we’d love a review for our blog–just click on the link at the upper right.

  13. Posted for Cathryn S:

    Absolutely love it. Want more. Is there more of Alison and Crawford?
    RATING: * * * * * One of the best books I’ve read

  14. Melanie

    I am in the middle of reading Extracurricular Activities and don’t want to finish it – I’m reading it too fast and don’t want it to end! If Maggie is still reading these posts, I want to officially beg her to write another one in this series. Alison is just the most wonderful, likeable, REAL character, which makes the book wonderful to read…and hard to put down.

    Also, Maggie, do you have a website or will you soon??

  15. Maggie Barbieri

    Hi, All: Yes, there is another Alison Bergeron mystery on the way. It’s called “Quick Study” and will be out later this year (2008). I appreciate all of these great comments. I’ll keep you posetd on my web site (been in development toooo looonng) and some other things in the works. And thank you, thank you, thank you again–Maggie Barbieri

  16. Sophia

    I’m so excited for the third book! I agree with Melanie… I read the second one way too fast.

  17. just finished reading this book & really enjoyed it. As a former Montrealer I am curious if the author has connections to Canada.
    RATING: * * * * Very, very good
    (posted for RCrosby)

    I don’t know the answer, but maybe Maggie will chime in. According to Contemporary Authors she was born and lives in the U.S., and has worked as a freelance textbook author. — stc, Newton Free Library

  18. maggie barbieri

    Hi, All: Thanks for all of these great comments. “Quick Study” will be out, officially, on 12/8/08. And regretfully, I don’t have a web site YET but I do blog every Wednesday as part of a great group of women mystery authors on The Stiletto Gang ( I don’t have any connections to Canada except for a series of trips as a youngster so that my Irish grandmothers could visit St. Anne de Beaupre every year. 🙂 Maybe I was affected more than I know…

    Best wishes, everyone. Maggie

  19. Vanessa

    I haven’t read a book that was not a school book in along time. I was in my local library and i saw murder 101. And just reading the summery i was hooked. I knew i had to read it. I absoutly loved it. I stoped at the library just yesturday and i put my self on the waiteing list for the second book. I was number 2 on the list, but i am so excited because i just got the e-mail saying that it is waiting for me to pick it up. OMG i can’t waite. Maggie you are such a good author and i hope you keep writing. Thanks for Murder 101 it was wonderful.

  20. Vanessa

    The second book is called Extracurricular Activities or is it called Quick Study? Because i have extracurricular activities on hold for me, but i want to make sure that i am reading your books in the right order. So if you can please let me know that would be great thank you.

  21. The second book is Extracurricular Activities. Quick Study, her next book, will be out on December 8, 2008, according to Maggie. And you can read more from Maggie at the Stiletto Gang blog,

  22. Melanie

    Is there going to be a fourth in the series? If so, when will it be out? Maggie’s books are just too addicting. Thanks!

  23. According to, the fourth book in the series, Final Exam, is due out on December 8, 2009.

  24. Melanie

    I wondered if Maggie’s on Facebook? If not, think she might join? It’s a great place to keep up on favorite authors…Melissa Senate, Emily Giffin, etc.

  25. Hi, All: Yes, the fourth book will be out in December and it’s called “Final Exam.” And I’m on Facebook and Twitter–I’ve finally joined the 21st century! Best wishes–Maggie