The Birthday Party, by Stanley Alpert

On the eve of his 38th birthday, Stanley Alpert was walking home on a quiet Manhattan street when he was robbed at gunpoint.  When the young thieves discovered his large bank balance,  robbery became kidnapping, and he was blindfolded, driven to Brooklyn, and held for 25 hours before being released.  During his ordeal, Alpert, at the time a Federal prosecutor, took careful mental notes of every detail of place and person, tried his best to stay calm, and carefully weighed each answer to avoid setting off his captors.  Unable to see and held at gunpoint, he expected to be killed.  Instead, he emerged with a story for law enforcement (and now readers)  so full of bizarre incidents and wild conversations that he was initially not believed.  The details checked out, and his abductors were quickly apprehended, with their interrogations recounted here in fascinating detail.  A harrowing story of true crime, already optioned for a motion picture.  For more information, see the author’s website here

Rating:  **** Very, very good
Reviewed by:  stc

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