The Way of Ignorance: and Other Essays, by Wendell Berry

The author of this book of essays has been justifiably described as “a prophet of responsibility” and “one of America’s most valued cultural critics”.  I feel this is an important collection of essays, many based on talks he has given, about the ways we must adjust our thinking about nature and violence and sustainable living in the post-modern era.  He tackles profound ideas in down-to-earth prose; he speaks to us as a fellow citizen of planet Earth.  Although much of what he says evokes a sense of urgency and fear that we may not have much time left to effect needed change, he always leaves the reader with hope for the future and ideas for activism.  Much food for thought, engagingly written.

Wendell Berry is the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry, and essays; he has farmed a hillside in his native county in Kentucky for forty years.

RATING: * * * * * One of the best books I’ve read
Reviewed by: lw

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