Songbook, by Nick Hornby

Do you like pop music?  Do you like to read liner notes?  Take 31 favorite pop songs, add a writer as skilled as Nick Hornby, flesh out the liner note material into essays, and you have a great book! The songs are just a jumping-off point for broader and more personal reflections–touching and humorous–on life, love, and what makes music meaningful to us.  The book discusses some of Hornby’s favorites c. 2001.  You don’t need to like the songs or even know them; neither I nor my teenage son share Hornby’s taste in music, but we both enjoyed the book.

I wish the CD included with the book had more than 11 of the songs, but the book is fun to read whether you’ve heard the songs or not.

Rating:  *** A good read
Reviewed by:  stc

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