Away, by Amy Bloom

Lillian Leyb comes to New York alone in the 1920’s, her family wiped out in a Russian pogrom.  As she builds a completely new life, word comes that her young daughter is alive and well and living in Siberia.  The novel then turns from immigrant saga to road trip, as Lillian crosses America, Canada, and the Alaskan wilderness to try to reach the one part of her old life she still has left.  The story is filled with a cast of vividly-drawn characters, and as Lillian moves on and leaves them behind, Bloom ties up their stories for us.  A beautiful and heartbreaking novel of transformation and reinvention in early 20th century America.

Rating: ***** One of the best books I’ve read
Reviewd by: stc

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2 responses to “Away, by Amy Bloom

  1. A K Williams

    I just wanted to comment on “Away.”
    It’s absolutely trash. Comparisons to “Ragtime” and “Cold Mountain” are undeserved.
    “Away” is a bad Hallmark movie as directed by the Playboy Channel.
    If “Away” is what America thinks is good literature, then we have lost our literary soul.

  2. JZ

    I read Away based on the staff recommendation and could not finish it fast enough.
    There was little I liked about the book and found everything from the writing style to the characters lacking. There are many other books that deserve recommendations and Away is not one of them.