The Santaroga Barrier, by Frank Herbert

This book is creepy, mysterious, and eloquently written.  It is about a young psychologist who takes an assignment in a too perfect town in a valley, Santaroga, that has no juvenile delinquency, barely any cigarette smoking, no mental illnesses, and barely any crime.  He is assigned to investigate these mysterious circumstances.  He also has other motives behind accepting the assignment.  His girlfriend, Jenny, lives in the valley.  He enters the valley and is almost killed twice.  Alarmed, he decides to investigate a mysterious substance that the Santarogans consume in almost all of their foods, Jaspers.  The more he pries, the more danger he puts himself in.  Can this lone psychologist figure out the mystery behind the “Santaroga Barrier?”

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

Reviewed by: YA/Teen reviewer, K.G.

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