Long Live the King, by Fay Weldon

I was excited to find this book in the new fiction area. After enjoying Habits of the House, I discovered that Long Live the King is the second in a trilogy by Weldon. We follow the further adventures of Lord Dilberne and his family. Adela, Lord Dilberne’s niece, has many escapades after experiencing what may be a tragedy, but it definitely leads her to being better fed. Invitations to King Edward VII’s coronation go astray in a variety of ways and Lady Rosina finds a kindred spirit. Lots of fun, just the thing to read as you celebrate the birth of the new Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good
Reviewed by: kh

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One response to “Long Live the King, by Fay Weldon

  1. Whatever the literary merits of the novel, Weldon displays a shocking ignorance of the Church of England. She had obviously not done adequate research on the nuances of ecclesiastical practice of the period. If Edwin were a Puritan, anxious to rid his church of taints of Popery, he would not be proposing to put his daughter into an Anglican convent and there are many more inconsistencies in the life of this character and of others.