A Slight Trick of the Mind, by Mitch Cullin

Set in 1947, this well reviewed novel features a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes as imagined by Cullin in Holmes’ declining years. There are three intertwined plot lines. The first centers on the detective’s friendship with his housekeeper’s 12 year old son and their mutual interest in Holmes’ apiary on the Sussex Downs. The second, his trip to occupied Japan after World War II, hosted by a Mr. Umezaki who looks to Holmes for answers to his father’s disappearance in 1907. The third is a case that Holmes solved many years before involving the glass harmonica lessons and subsequent mysterious absences of a young wife. Holmes suffers from physical frailties and memory loss which gives this story a melancholy cast.

RATING: * * * A good read

Reviewed by: kh

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