Review: A Dead Man in Trieste, by Michael Pearce

Set in pre-World War I Europe, Special Branch officer Sandor Seymour is sent from Whitechapel to Trieste to probe the disappearance of the British consul there. Seymour finds that Trieste, an important port of the Austria-Hungarian Empire bordering Italy and Serbia, is a mass of intrigue. When the consul is found dead in the harbor, Seymour investigates the crime while concealing his true identity as a special investigator of the British government. The city is a hotbed of Serbian, Bosnian and Italian nationalism as well as home to Futurist artists who create their own brand of havoc. Seymour must find out: who wanted the well regarded consul dead? I found the foreshadowing of the events that lead to the First World War most interesting.

RATING: * * * A good read

Reviewed by: kh

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