Review: Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

I liked this book more than I thought I would. Isaacson covers Jobs’s personal and pre-Apple life but the focus is on his role in developing Apple, Pixar and NeXT as companies and the beautifully designed products he and his team were responsible for. As a person Jobs certainly had significant shortcomings with mean, unfeeling behaviors toward his subordinates and temper tantrums regularly thrown when things didn’t go his way in such matters as time lines for new products. However on the business-computer side Jobs did grasp the significance of breakthroughs like the graphical user interface, the desktop we are all familiar with today that was originally developed by Xerox at their Palo Alto Research Center. I enjoyed this book that recounts the personal computer history of our times and the way that computers and other electronic devices (like the iPod, iPad and iTouch) have transformed our lives.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

Reviewed by: kh

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