Review: Inspector Ghote’s First Case, by H.R.F. Keating

Keating was a prolific British crime fiction writer and the author of twenty-six Inspector Ghote novels. Though titled “First Case,” this book from 2008 was the twenty-fifth written in the series. Ghote has just been promoted to the rank of Inspector in the Bombay Criminal Investigation Department and he and his wife Protima are expecting the arrival of their first baby. Retired chief of the Bombay police, Sir Rustom Engineer, asks Ghote to investigate the apparent suicide of the young wife of a longtime friend of his, English ex-patriot Robert Dawkins. Protima is not happy to be left alone so close to her due date as Ghote travels north to the Dawkins’ home but Ghote is determined to thoroughly investigate the death of Iris Dawkins. I listened to the book on CD and the narrator, Sam Dastor, a Bombay native, did an excellent job.

RATING: * * * A good read

Reviewed by: kh

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