Review: The Submission, by Amy Waldman

This book won literary prizes and was on several best of the year lists when it was published in 2011. Waldman, an American journalist and author, chose a provocative theme for this, her first novel; what if the winner of a juried design competition for a memorial to thousands killed in a 9-11 type attack turned out to be a Muslim-American? Waldman focuses on Claire, a young wealthy mother widowed in the attack who is a member of the art jury and Mohammad Khan, born and raised in Virginia, the talented architect whose design the jury selected from among the thousands of entries. They are swept along by politics, the emotions of the victims’ families and the struggle of our society to separate evil doers from the religion they espouse. I found this book to be timely and thought provoking.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

Reviewed by: kh

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