Review: A Murder of Magpies, by Judith Flanders

I have enjoyed Flanders’ nonfiction books on Victorian society so I was eager to read this one, her first novel. Main character, Samantha Clair is a book editor, mostly of “women’s fiction” in present day London. As the author of several books, Flanders must be well acquainted with the publishing industry and here she portrays them, warts and all. but with sly humor. The plot involves the sudden disappearance of one of Samantha’s authors, fashion journalist Kit Lowell, whose new book is an expose of a recent fashion industry scandal involving the mysterious death of a high profile Spanish designer. The police are not taking Kit’s disappearance too seriously so Samantha decides to do some digging into it on her own. If Flanders writes another novel, I would definitely put it on my “must read” list.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

Reviewed by: kh

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