Review: Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan

This is Jordan’s first novel and winner of the 2006 Bellweather Prize for socially engaged fiction. The prize was established in 2000 by novelist Barbara Kingsolver and is funded by her. Mudbound is set in the years right after the end of World War II and centers on Laura and Henry McAllan and their family. Henry, a World War I veteran, without informing his wife, buys a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta and takes Laura and their two small daughters to live there with his father and troubled veteran brother, Jamie. Henry farms the land with the aid of sharecropper families both black and white. My book club, in general, liked this book although the plot is rather depressing and emphasizes the terrible racial injustices endured by black people in the South as well as the problems of returning veterans finding a place in society after the horrors of war that they witnessed.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

Reviewed by: kh

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