Review: Reykjavik Nights, by Arnaldur Indridason

This novel was published in Iceland in 2012 and translated into English in 2014. It is the second of the “Young Erlendur” books featuring Inspector Erlendur who is also the main character in eleven other mysteries set in Iceland, nine of which have been translated into English. Erlendur, one of the brooding, introspective, Scandinavian policemen is haunted by the long ago disappearance of his younger brother when they were both children. In this case, Erlandur investigates the drowning death of a homeless man which has been written off as an accident or suicide by the authorities. No one seems to think this man’s death is of any consequence, but Erlandur uncovers a larger web of crime as he conducts his interviews with other homeless and alcoholic of Reykjavik.

RATING: * * * A good read

Reviewed by: kh

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