Review: Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Some may be a little unsettled reading Coates’ very blunt account of life as a black American. Written as letter to his son, Coates’ ties his life experiences growing up in Baltimore, attending Howard University, and living in New York as a writer to the historical and current oppression of black people. Coates is raw in describing the reality of race relations in the U.S. and offers no comfort to the reader, but is emotional in his treatise and offers wisdom through knowledge and experience. In light of recent social and political movements sparked by police violence against black people in the U.S. this is a must read for anyone concerned with human rights, civil liberties, and the state of the world.

ADDITIONAL INFO: I also listened to the audiobook, read by the author. It was a bit difficult to listen to due to the complex prose and Coates’ rather monotone reading. However, the reading comes off as forlorn and leaves you with an added emotional twinge you might not get from just reading it.

RATING: * * * * Very, very good

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